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  • IT Management
  • PC Power Management
  • Remote Monitoring and Control

Experience Control™

Simple • Automated • Granular

New Boundary Technologies makes it easy to:

  • Automate management of your IT networks with our IT Management solutions.
  • Cut your energy consumption with our PC Power Management solutions.
  • Remotely monitor and manage your sensors and equipment with our RemoteAware™ IoT application platform. 

Automate and Streamline IT Tasks.

Our IT Management solutions simplify complex, time-consuming tasks.  Experience Control™ of your environment for the first time - efficiently deliver improved productivity, security, and compliance.

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Save Money. Save Energy. Save the Planet.

Our PC Power Management solutions produce significant energy savings and reduce your organization's carbon footprint.  Experience Control™  of your energy costs and budget for the first time.

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Remotely Monitor and Control Sensors and Equipment

RemoteAware™ delivers complete enterprise IoT applications in only 1 day without coding.

Learn about RemoteAware™ IoT applications:
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