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Prism Suite Features and Benefits


Prism Suite’s simplicity, automation and granularity deliver IT administrators:

Rapid ROI and Low TCO:  Minimal training and infrastructure costs —quick time to value with no hidden costs.

Increased IT and Operational Efficiency:  Single-step installs, updates and patches with no end-user involvement or distraction.

Seamless Software License Management:  Enterprise-wide visibility across IT assets aids software procurement and migration, and ensures full license compliance during audits.

Security and Reduced Security Organizational Risk:  Protection of valuable data and IT systems from today’s dynamic threat environment.

Full IT Standards and Regulatory Compliance:  Consistent and enforceable configuration across servers, desktops and laptops—wherever they reside.


Secure Administration of Distributed Environments:  Built-in features allow secure communication and control to and from any local or remote device with an internet connection.

Smart Update™:  Patented configuration groups automatically target computers with the right software, updates, configuration tweaks or patches, and continuously monitor and heal computer environments in real-time.

Prism Console:  Highly configurable interface provides detailed and customized views, simplified client installations and granular security roles.

Comprehensive Reporting:  Dynamic reporting engine creates standard or customized reports – allows more informed decision-making.

Outstanding Customer Support:  Live, highly trained technicians who take pride in being the most responsive in the industry.


Secured Computer Groups: Combines Prism Suite’s automatic grouping functions with configurable permission sets to fine-tune which roles have the ability to modify sensitive or mission-critical groups of computers.

Secured Task Groups: Works by preserving a role’s overall task-related permission sets, while allowing extra security restrictions to be applied to sensitive or mission-critical tasks in that are in secured Task Groups.

Automatic Organization of Scanned Assets:  Enables scanned data to be automatically organized in several ways: by asset type, by manufacturer and by Active Directory group membership — simplifying the time-consuming process of reviewing a large number of scanned items.

Customized Inventory ConfigurationAllows administrators to include additional WMI properties during hardware inventory scans — enabling them to fine-tune what data is collected and how it is categorized.

Hyperlinked User Defined Fields:  Provides the ability to customize all objects in the Prism Suite Console (managed computers, software assets and hardware assets) with hyperlinked user-defined fields — attaining even more consolidation of asset information.


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“Prism dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to set up new workstations and reconfigure the old ones. It provides us the means to manage software and track licenses as well as maintain our software with updates and patches.” - Ken Christman, SERA Architects